Warm New England Winters

{November 13, 2008}   My third post….think of something better if you’re so smart.

So the election is now over and Barack Hussein Obama Jr. is set to be president. The left side is cheering, hugging and kissing each other. I am positive that many of them will be gathered on Inauguration Day, listening attentively to their Messiah’s speeches, Geassed completely out of their minds. The right side, on the other hand is redoubling their efforts to be even more batshit insane than they already were. Pammycakes herself already talked about organising a resistance to the illegitimate regime in power. Who do they think they are, the Sunni Insurgents?

Sadly No! was gracious enough to provide the links to the lulz that the wingnuts are generating. http://www.sadlyno.com/archives/14055.html

John Sindey McCain III made a comeback during his concession speech, with grace befitting his status. Too bad some of the audience weren’t exactly as graceful. It’s a shame, really, as he would have made a great president. I am sure he would have proved his critics wrong.

In other news: ALL HAIL BRITTANIA!!!!


94stranger says:

we shall let you go.
Maybe you couldn’t speak English,
sort new Orleans,
understand the economy
or quite get God on your side
but heck – you were the cartoonist’s number one!

now what?

Related to Shelley Winters says:

Uh…..nice poem?

Now, we must sit back and watch as a new derangement syndrome appears.

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