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{June 28, 2010}   The Brouhaha over Books

So, I’ve been catching up on my reading of blogs about Russia. It looks as if that book on Putin that was written by Nemtsov et al. is going to get media attention that it clearly does not deserve. Since I didn’t read the book, I can’t decide for myself what to make of it. Fortunately for you all, the astute Anatoly Karlin has a short review of book in his blog (check it out here).

Whatever the book’s good points and flaws have now been obscured by news that MVD  in Piter siezed copies of the book, claiming it as “extremist literature.” Sean Giullory’s (sp?) blog  has better analysis on this than I do. Most likely, it was some “middle management” cop who wanted to score points with his superiors and hopefully get a promotion. The end result, potential media attention towards an attempt by the Kremlin to “silence dissent” once again. Not surprisingly, this gave Nemtsov PR without him having to do any work to get it. And just in time for Dima’s meeting with business folks in Piter. Ain’t this a lovely year?

I’ll stay on top of this little incident as best I can.

P.S.: checking out Sean’s Russia Blog and Sublime Opinion is worth your time if you wish to learn about the happenings of Russia.


marknesop says:

You’re absolutely correct, and you’ll probably have noted that Nemtsov deliberately adopts the downtrodden underdog persona so as to garner sympathetic media attention – the same as when he sets out to lead a protest, knowing full well that he will be arrested. The police, if they had a lick of sense, would spank him in public and send him home a free but embarrassed man.

Boris Nemtsov is an intelligent man and a cagey politician who should not be underestimated. He’s a likable guy, as much as any politician can be, and my primary objection to him is that he is not the savior the western press makes him out to be. He wants power for the same reason every politician does, and “saving Russia” isn’t even in the frame.

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